Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

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On this page you will find only real Tiffany Antique Lamps from Tiffany Studios New York Lamp and lighting information NOT Tiffany Style or Reproduction Tiffany Lamps.

Tiffany Studios Yellow TulipTable Lamp. 14''domical shade of yellow tulip blossom and green leaves with brown background of fractured glass. Shade signed Tiffany Studios New York 1905. Est. $30,000-35,000. Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

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A Tiffany lamp is a type of lamp with a stained glass shade. The pieces of stained glass that Fontaines Antique Auction Gallery Buys and Sells Tiffany Lampscomprise a Tiffany shade are soldered together with copper foil. Original Tiffany lamps are generally considered part of the Art Nouveau movement, and are considered one of the best American contributions to this movement that began in Europe in the late 19th century. The first Tiffany lamp was created in 1899 with a bronze base and was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The record price for an original Tiffany Studios lamp at a public sale exceeds US$8,000,000.

History Of Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

Tifliany Studios Daffodil Table Lamp. 20'' Est. $30,000-40,000 Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

Approximately, around the year 1895 the first Tiffany lamp was created. Even though they were made in multiples, there is no record of the quantity of each lamp completed. Beautiful in design and intricacy, each lamp was made by hand, not mass or machine produced. [1] Usually, the people who made his works come to life, were extremely knowledgeable of the craft. Tiffanys colleagues, Emarel Freshel, and Clara Driscoll, are known as two of his famed workers. Freshel designed the Wisteria and Pond Lily lamps and Driscoll made patterns consisting of flowers and butterflies for his lamps.

Tiffanys first business venture was an interior design firm in New York, for which he designed stained glass windows, and doing so he came up with the idea to construct lamps. With the remaining pieces from his windows, Tiffany arranged the glass to form a lamp. [2] Although he continued to paint and design for quite some time, Tiffanys main desire was glasswork.

Roughly, over twenty years of time, Tiffany designed the many specific styles of his lamps. Most of his luminaries can be grouped into one of seven specific categories, defining their detailed characteristics. The: Irregular Upper and Lower Border, Favrile, Geometric, Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone, and Flowered Globe lamps. The Irregular Upper and Lower Border lamps carry an openwork crown edge that helps to stimulate a branch, tree, or shrubbery. The Favrile category, which means handcrafted, identifies the first lamps Tiffany made with this label. His initials LCT, later replaced the Favrile stamp.

Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Table Lamp Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

Tiffany Antique Lamps and Lighting

The Geometric category speaks for itself. Tiffany used small geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals to form these specific lamps. Next is the Transition to Flowers group, which is subdivided into the Flowered Cone and Globe lamps. All of these lamps follow a defined nature or botanical design using flowers, dragonflies, spiders and their webs, butterflies, and peacock feathers. The difference within these two smaller categories is that the lamps encompass different shapes, a cone and a globe.

Production of Tiffany Antique Lamps

Aside from their categorization all Tiffany Antique Lamps are prepared by using the Copper Foil method. First a pattern for the lamp is drawn out on a heavy piece of cardboard. Next a number and glass color is written on the pattern piece. After the pattern is drawn and labeled, the glass is laid over it and traced. Once the pattern is traced onto the glass, the pieces can be cut and grinded to their correct shape. Next the pieces need to be cleaned so the copper foil can be applied to the edges. The copper foil solution allows the pieces to adhere together. After the lamp has been placed accordingly and it is fully bonded, the edges need to be soldered together for a firm hold. Finally after the lamp has been soldered it is cleaned to bring out its beauty.


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